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In the middle of September I was asked once again to design a gala and fundraiser for the Lake Forest renowned Citadel Theater. The event was held at the famous David Adler estate in Lake Forest. Load in started 2 days prior. This year the party moved from the tent to the pool. The pool was surrounded by 8 5' truss towers each had 2 Martin Mac Auras and a High End System Solaframe 2000 on top. Inside the tent was 24 Mac Auras and 4 Solaframe 2000s. The Mac Auras were perfect for evenly lighting the tent while the Solaframes acted as specials. The rest of the estate was filled with Elation Volt Q5s those beautifully illuminated the building and surrounding decor.

Citadel 2021: Gallery

Lighting Designer/Programmer - Joe Klamerus   L2 - Nick Shanley

Citadel 2021: Text


  • 1 x GrandMA2 Lite

  • 2 x G4 wireless transmitter

  • 12 x High End Solaframe 2000

  • 100 x Elation Volt Q5

  • 40 x Martin Mac Aura XB

  • 8 x 12x12 Truss 5'

  • 1 x LEX 24 way 208v distro

  • 1 x Lex Pagoda 208v disto

  • 2 x DF50 Haser

Gear supplied by: Intelligent Lighting Creations

Citadel 2021: Text
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