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Hideseek is a 10,000 square foot immersive experience with 15 immersive rooms each following the theme of childhood nostalgia. JKL and Illuminate Collective partnered together to design, install, and program the experience. Each of the 15 rooms has a different theme and the lighting to complement it. Over 160 lights were installed in the previously dark storefront. Ketra lighting was used in the majority of the facility along with a handful of ETC Source4 mini LED and ETC Source 4 LED Lustr2. Some custom elements had to be fabricated which includes the LED bars in the bays. Much of the Ketra was installed on preexisting track light in the front room. The rest were in par cans mounted to the tops of the partition walls and on Unistrut anchored to the beams in the ceiling. Control was achieved by a minicomputer running Ketra software networked with 2 Ketra N4 units and an N1 dongle. Hideseek is an experience you need to see! Get tickets and learn more below!

Hideseek: Welcome
Hideseek: Pro Gallery

Gear Used
(supplied by Intelligent Lighting Creations)
165x Ketra S38 lamps
10x ETC Source4 Mini LED
3x ETC Source4 LED Lustr2
2x Ketra N4
1x Ketra N1
(supplied by JKL)
7x 40v LED Bars
Data/Control Racks

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