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In September I was asked to assist with the lighting design and programming for the site lighting. Riot Fest is a 3 day music festival it is the go to festival in Chicago for alternative, rock and punk music. 2019 marked the festivals 15th anniversary and implemented the addition of site lighting.

Riot Fest 2019: Gallery

Production Manager - Grant Simmon    Site Lighting Director - Elliott Little

Riot Fest 2019: Text


  • 1 x GrandMA2 on pc

  • 1 x Efly wireless DMX

  • 1 x G5 wireless DMX

  • 60 x Elation Q7

  • 108 X Elation Volt Q5

  • 10 x Elation Proetus Hybrid

  • 15 x 20x20 10' Tomcat Truss

  • 15 x 20x20 5' Tomcat Truss 

Gear supplied by: Intelligent Lighting Creations & Reed Rigging

Riot Fest 2019: Text
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